Blackett timeline

Note: The compilers have done their best to position the Blackett references on the timeline to correspond to the era concerned, however exact correlation has not been possible.


Blakheved/Blackett History Timeline 1300-1815 (showing descent to the founders of this website)

  1300 1300 Dante’s Divine Comedy written about this time
    1314 Battle Of Bannockburn – Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II and makes Scotland independent
    1314 The old St. Paul’s Cathedral built
Richard Blachved of Woodcroft ( – 1349) 1325 1327 Edward II abdicates and is imprisoned in a well by his wife and her lover
    1329 Robert the Bruce dies
    1330 Edward, The Black Prince is born
    1337 The Hundred Years’ War begins
    1340 – 1343 Geoffrey Chaucer born
    1349 – 1351 The Black Death kills about 2 million people in Britain
Richard Blakheved of Woodcroft (1327 – 1368) 1350 1356 Battle of Poitiers, where the Black Prince captures the French King, ‘John the Good’
    1362 A poll tax is levied for the first time (to fund the war with France)
    1362 First version of Piers Plowman, the first major literary work written in English
  1375 1377 Richard II, the 10 year old son of the Black Prince becomes king
    1382 First translation of Bible into English
    1386 Chaucer begins ‘Canterbury Tales’
    1397 Dick Whittington becomes Lord Mayor of London
    1399 Henry IV becomes king
John Blakheved of Woodcroft (1360 – 1418) 1400 1400 Geoffrey Chaucer dies
    1400 Average life expectancy in England 38 years
    1415 Henry V leads the English at the battle of Agincourt in France
    1417 End of the great Schism
    1422 Henry VI becomes king (aged 9 months)
John Blakheved of Woodcroft (1394 – 1462) 1425 1431 Joan of Arc burnt at the stake in Rouen
    1431 Henry VI crowned King of France
    1437 Assassination of James I of Scotland
    1440 Gutenberg prints from the first movable type
  1450 1453 The fall of Constantinople to Sultan Mehmet II
    1455 The Wars Of The Roses begin in England
    1461 The Battle Of Towton fought near Leeds. The bloodiest battle fought on British soil. 24,000 die.
    1465 Music is printed for the first time
Thomas Blakehed of Woodcroft (- 1494) 1475 1477 Caxton prints the Canterbury Tales
    1480 The Spanish Inquisition begins
    1483 Edward V becomes King aged 12
    1485 The Battle Of Bosworth Field takes place where Richard III is slain
    1492 Christopher Columbus sets sail across the Atlantic for the Americas
    1494 Whisky distilled in Scotland for the first time
Alexander Blakheved of Woodcroft (1468 – 1521) 1500 1503 Leonardo Da Vinci begins painting the Mona Lisa
    1509 Michael Angelo paints the Sistine Chapel
    1509 Henry VIII becomes King Of England aged 18
    1519 Magellan sets sail around the world and proves that it is round
Nicholas Blackett of Woodcroft (1500 – 1568) 1525 1530 The Reformation
    1533 The first lunatic asylums established in England
    1539 The suppression of monasteries in England
    1546 The death of Martin Luther
    1547 Ivan The Terrible crowned Tsar of Russia
    1547 Henry VIII dies aged 57
Richard Blackett of Shipley and Hole House ( – 1589) 1550 1550 Michel Nostradamus publishes his prophecies
    1558 Mary Tudor dies aged 42
    1558 Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England
George Blackett of East Shipley (1565 – 1627) 1575 1587 Mary Queen of Scots beheaded
    1588 The Spanish Armada sets off to invade England
    1596 Galileo invents the thermometer
  1600 1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies. James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England
    1605 Guy Fawkes and others attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament
    1618 Sir Walter Raleigh executed
    1620 Voyage of the Mayflower from Plymouth, England to the New World (the Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, USA) begins
John Blackett of Hill House (1599-1664) 1625 1625 Accession of Charles I
    1642 The English Civil War begins
    1642 Income and property tax introduced to England
    1649 British monarchy abolished
  1650 1653 Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector
    1662 The Royal Society For Improving Natural Knowledge is formed by Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle and John Evelyn. The Age Of Science begins
    1666 The Great Fire of London destroys 10,000 houses and 80 churches
    1673 The Test Act passed excluding Catholics from public office
John Blackett (1639 – ) 1675 1680 The last dodo dies
    1685 Charles II dies and James II accedes
    1694 The Bank Of England established
John Blackett of Kayslea (1658 – 1737) 1700 1707 The Act of Union (England and Scotland) passed creating “Great Britain” for the first time
    1709 Cristofori invents the piano
    1712 Last trial for witchcraft in England (Jane Wrenham)
    1714 The first Hanoverian monarch of England, George I is crowned
    1721 Sir Robert Walpole becomes the first British Prime Minister
Elizabeth Blackett of Kayslea (1685-) 1725 1727 King George I dies
    1731 Invention of the seed drill by Jethro Tull
    1731 10 Downing Street built for the British Prime Minister
    1739 Dick Turpin hanged at York
    1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie (the New Pretender) defeats the English at Prestonpans
Cuthbert Blackett of West Pitts, Hamsterley (1703-1778) 1750 1752 The Gregorian calendar adopted
    1755 Canal building begins in Britain
    1756 123 British soldiers die in the 20ft square Black Hole of Calcutta
    1770 Captain James Cook discovers Australia
Cuthbert Blackett of Southside (1745 – 1809) 1775 1776 American Declaration Of Independence
    1779 First spinning mills operational in Scotland
    1783 The Montgolifier Brothers’ first balloon flight
    1789 The Times newspaper printed for the first time in England
    1789 The French Revolution begins
  1800 1805 Nelson dies at the Battle of Trafalgar
    1807 The slave trade is abolished throughout the British Colonies
    1815 The Battle of Waterloo takes place
    1815 The first decent roads built in Britain as toll and turnpike road

 Blakheved/Blackett History Timeline 1825-2000

Cuthbert (1778 – 1861) Cuthbert (1778 – 1861) Joseph (1780-1869) Joseph (1780-1869) 1825 1825 The Stockton and Darlington railway opens heralding the beginning of the Railway Age
          1834 The Poor Law Amendment Act passed leading to the creation of the infamous pauper workhouses
          1837 Charles Darwin writes ’The Origin Of Species’
          1837 Queen Victoria is crowned Queen
          1842 The Chartist Movement begins
Joseph (1806-1870) Joseph (1806-1870) Robert (1816-1903) Ralph (1812-1889) 1850 1851 Prince Albert organises ‘the Great Exhibition’ in Hyde Park, London
          1853 – 1856 Dr Livingstone crosses Africa
          1861 The American Civil War begins
          1868 William Mildin, 14th Earl Of Sheatham, who was shipwrecked at the age of 11 on the west African Coast, becomes inspiration for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ‘Tarzan Of The Apes’
Joseph (1844-1934) Joseph (1844-1934) Ralph (1842-1905) Albert (1859-1936) 1875 1876 Alexander Bell invents the telephone
          1888 Jack the Ripper roams the streets of London
          1895 The first movie is shown in Paris, France
Thomas Winship (1874-1947) Joseph (1866-1940) Robert William (1865-1952) Albert (1887-1958) 1900 1901 Queen Victoria dies
          1903 The first powered aeroplane flight by the Wright brothers
          1909 Bleriot flies across the English Channel
          1912 The Titanic sinks
          1914 The Great War starts
Richard (1907-1965) Margaret (1908-1992) Julia (1897-1998) Irene Evelyn (1932-2019) 1925 1925 Baird invents the television
          1926 The General Strike declared
          1928 All women over 21 in Britain get the vote
          1929 The Wall Street crash leads to worldwide recession
          1939 – 1945 Second World War
          1949 The British National Health Service is established
          1949 George Orwell’s ‘1984’ published
Eric (1934- 1980) Pat Longbottom (1946-) Allan Kirtley (1942-) John Burnell (1959-2007) 1950 1950 British troops support UN forces in Korea
          1951 The Festival of Britain is opened by George VI
          1952 Queen Elizabeth II accedes to the throne
          1965 Death penalty in UK abolished
          1965 Winston Churchill dies
          1966 England wins the World Cup
          1967 The Beatles release ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’
Martin Blackett (1964- )       1975 1978 First test tube baby born in Oldham, England
          1979 Margaret Thatcher becomes first British woman Prime Minister
          1989 Tim Berners-Lee invents the worldwide web
          1989 The Berlin Wall falls as communist regimes collapse worldwide
          1994 First women priests ordained into the Church Of England