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Of the many submissions to the site we have managed to tie in most with the "main" Blackett tree. There are, however, a number of lines where the connection has not been found. These have been added to the tree as separate modules, summarised below, and if you have any further information on them please contact us. Even if your ancestor does not appear in the tree we would still like to hear from you with whatever information you have. Some of the lines previously shown on this page have since been successfully linked to other parts of the tree. If your ancestor no longer appears in the summary below please click on Search in the tree home page to find him or her.

More parish and other records are becoming available online all the time and we do our best to draw on these to provide the link between the various lines of the Blacketts. It is, however, probably a never-ending project, but, as the Blackett family motto puts it, “nous travaillerons en esperance”, which loosely translates from the Norman French as “we will labour in hope”.

Clicking on a link to view a descendancy chart where indicated will open up a notebook-style chart showing 10 generations. If you then wish to increase or reduce the number of generations displayed please select the required number in the Generations box and click View.

Joseph Blackett of Durham City (now linked to Main Tree)

Northumberland Blacketts (Berwick-upon-Tweed and Bamburgh)

George Henry Blackett of New South Wales, Australia

Isaac Blackett of Chirton and Tynemouth, Northumberland

Blacketts of Stockton-on-Tees

Alexander Blackett of Gateshead descendants (including Robert Collingwood Blackett of Utah and John Turnbull Blackett of New South Wales)

Whickham and Lamesley Blacketts

A Hull Blackett

London Blacketts

Blacketts of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Massachusetts

Ceylon Blacketts

West of the Pennines and Barbados

Devonian and Cornish Blacketts

Blacketts of Deal, Kent and New Zealand

Sedgefield Blacketts

Blacketts of Houghton-le-Spring, Cox Green, Penshaw and Sunderland

Roman Catholic Blacketts

Norfolk Blacketts

Blacketts of Essex and Cambridge

Greatham Blacketts

Blacketts of Hampshire and Kent

Thomas Blackett of North Shields

Blacketts of Longwitton and Hartburn, Northumberland

Blacketts of Yorkshire and Michigan USA

Blacketts of Yorkshire, South Australia and New Zealand

Blackett Richardsons

Mitfords/Midfords of Cheshire and their descent from the Blacketts

John Blackett and Mary Hutchinson of Ponteland, Northumberland

William Alexander Blackett and Margaret Madden of Victoria and Tasmania, Australia

John Alexander Blackett of Newcastle and Bradford

Michael Blackett of Hamsterley

Hexham, Northumberland and Liverpool Blacketts

William Blackett of South Shields and John Blackett of Heworth

Chester-le-Street Blacketts

John Blackett of Staindrop

John Blackett and Mary Fatkin of Newcastle

Edward Blackett of Brancepeth and Lanchester

Martha Blackett and Henry Haigh of Yorkshire

John Blackett of Crook or Darlington

Buckinghamshire Blacketts

Alexander Blackett of Scotland and Monkwearmouth

James Blackett/Blacketer/Blackadder of Stirling, Scotland