A Blackett "State funeral"

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A "State funeral" was conducted at Trinity Church, in Portsmouth Virginia on Sunday the 15th of October 1775. The Commanding officer of the Virginia detachment of the 14th Regiment of Foot, Captain William Blackett, had died the previous day

The Mourners were led in procession by the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, and included about two dozen officers, of the 14th Regiment and two HMS. warships that were in Norfolk harbour at the time, and nearly the entire Virginia detachment of the regiment.

The final presentation of profits from 'A History of the Blacketts', made at Woodcroft 15 April 2016

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The presentation of the final profits from the sale of ‘A History of the Blacketts’ took place on Friday 15 April 2016 at the ruins of the ancient Blackett home of Woodcroft, Weardale, County Durham (for details of the history of Woodcroft please click here).

An ode to Theophania Blackett

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Theophania Blackett was grand,

when the locals walked over her land,

they made such a racket

that old Mrs.Blackett

thought "I know, I'll give them a hand".


"I'll build a new bridge 'cross the Tees.

If they don't go down on their knees,

and say thank you to me

for getting it free

I might just start charging them fees."


Written by Al Kirtley for the Sockburn Hall Project  2010



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[i] Mayland has been known by that name for many centuries, and is referred to as such in grants of land, dating back to before the 13th century, known as the Mayland Charters.

It was described by Surtees as being a district in South Bedburn, consisting of farms known as Mayland, Mayland Hall, East Mayland and Mayland Lee, the latter being occupied in 1861 & 1871 by George Blackett, a farmer of 500 acres.